Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week One: Robbie wants to be a Computer Geek

I am not an alien when it comes to computers, but I am also far from a professional. I am enrolled in this so called Business program which I find rather dry but I am very interested in becoming succesful in the world of business. Although I want to dominate a different type of business. I want to take over its online community.

Web Publishing is important to me because I have to learn how to make websites to become successful. My dream is to have an online business where I can work from home on. Home being hopefully a 3-story mansion with a lot of green grass and a lot more fast cars. I want the internet to make me rich.

Being a beginner this is what I learned in my first week. To make this easier to read I am straight up just going to do a point form system making it possible for all impatient readers to enjoy.

- FTP is a File Transfer engine that helps you take your HTML document code and transforming it into a web page liek your viewing now.

- Back in the dinosaur era, internet was not available for everyone to use. Believe it or not at one point only 4 computers in the world were online.

- Intranet a network of grouped computers while internet is a network to connect computers from all around the world.

- Client VS Server: Client is simply the computer that is surfing the web and looking through websites demanding information liek a customer. The server is simply the store that the client is shopping at. It takes the information from the client then gives them what they were looking for.

To all you computer geeks this may be common sense, but to me this is learning in progress. Thanks for stopping by